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Welcome to Ms. McClurg's Web Page! Here you will find links to my weekly schedule, news and upcoming events. We are doing exciting things down here in the art room. Come explore with me! :)

Ms. McClurg

Art Curriculum

Here at TJES we have an outstanding art curriculum that spans all grades from Pre-K to 5th grade. Thomas Jefferson also hosts an annual art show and recognizes students weekly on every level on “TJ Talk Time”, the school’s morning news show as Artists of the Week. We have two art teachers on staffs, who see all students on a weekly basis.

  • Pre-K and Kindergarten students concentrate on concepts such as color, line characteristics, texture, shape and patterns. Projects include painting, collage,chalk,  clay and assorted drawing materials
  • First Grade students cover concepts such as primary colors, eye-hand coordination, real and imaginary inspiration, and weaving and tearing. Projects include painting, stamping, clay, chalk and assorted drawing materials.
  • Second Grade students will learn secondary colors, 3-D art forms, proportion and art from other cultures. Projects include clay, painting, drawing, paper making and weaving.
  • Third Grade students will focus on intermediate colors, warm and cool colors, positive and negative shapes, symmetry and contrast. Projects include, print making, clay, painting, drawing, art from other cultures and drum making.
  • Fourth Grade students will learn to use the characteristics of color including hue, tint, shade and intensity. They will apply hand building techniques in clay and use themes, ideas and art forms from the past. Projects include metal tooling, clay, painting, drawing, and stitching.
  • Fifth Grade students will use linear perspective, emphasize special relationships, use art in technology, and learn to mix hues, tints and shades to create works of art to name a few. Projects include clay, drawing, painting, computer generated art, paper making and printing.

Community Support Needed!

Please continue to make it known to your school board members that you LOVE art and want to keep it in the Bedford County curriculum. There are many important reasons to keep art alive and well! Art fosters creativity, problem solving skills, spacial relationships, increases school attendance, improves reading skills, supports the content areas, not to mention it's fun!! :)
Upcoming Events

The Reflections Contest theme this year is: Heroes Around Me
Entries will be due in October. Good luck with your entries! Hope we have a winner!

Art Shows: TBA
 Art Show at Sweet Frog in Forest: TBA

March is Youth Art Month! Be looking forward to many fun-filled activities! School Flags will be flown on Main Street all month!

April/May Art Show down TJ main hallway

 Cool Art Stuff


Here are some cool websites you can go to. Just click the link and explore!
Artsonia online art museum for kids
Mr. Picasso Head (Make your own Picasso!)
Art Encyclopedia
Craft Ideas
National Gallery of Art
Make a snowflake!
African Mudcloth
Elements of Art
My Schedule 2018-2019
Grade Time
8/13 - 9/29 10/01 - 11/23 11/26 - 1/25 1/28 - 3/15 3/18 - 5/17
Day Rotation 1 Rotation 2 Rotation 3 Rotation 4 Rotation 5
5th 8:30-9:15
Mon Biggio Netsch Baity Lacks Rozelle
Tue Netsch Baity Lacks Rozelle Biggio
Wed Rozelle Lacks Rozelle Biggio Netsch
Thu Lacks Rozelle Biggio Netsch Baity
Fri Baity Biggio Netsch Baity Lacks
4th 9:25-10:10
Mon Parker Paul Walkup Knootz Dauer
Tue Paul Walkup Knootz Dauer Parker
Wed Walkup Knootz Dauer Parker Paul
Thu Knootz Dauer Parker Paul Walkup
Fri Dauer Parker Paul Walkup Knootz
3rd 10:20-11:05
Mon Ciccarelli Roller Richardson Francis Sitzler
Tue Roller Richardson Francis Sitzler Ciccarelli
Wed Richardson Francis Sitzler Ciccarelli Roller
Thu Francis Sitzler Ciccarelli Roller Richardson
Fri Sitzler Ciccarelli Roller Richardson Francis
11:05-11:45 Daily Lunch/Prep Lunch/Prep Lunch/Prep Lunch/Prep Lunch/Prep
K 11:45-12:30
Mon Bourne Hunter Hill Dolen Augenreich
Tue Hunter Hill Dolen Augenreich Bourne
Wed Hill Dolen Augenreich Bourne Hunter
Thu Dolen Augenreich Bourne Hunter Hill
Fri Augenreich Bourne Hunter Hill Dolen
1st 12:40-1:25
Mon Polk Poole Richardson Kendrick Moorin
Tue Poole Richardson Kendrick Moorin Polk
Wed Richardson Kendrick Moorin Polk Poole
Thu Kendrick Moorin Polk Poole Richardson
Fri Moorin Polk Poole Richardson Kendrick
2nd 1:35-2:20
Mon Glime Roseveare Stenback Long Bryant
Tue Roseveare Stenback Long Bryant Glime
Wed Stenback Long Bryant Glime Roseveare
Thu Long Bryant Glime Roseveare Stenback
Fri Bryant Glime Roseveare Stenback Long

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