Chart of Activities

How many of the following activities can you do?


Be Responsible by cleaning your room

Be Respectful as you play a game with a friend or family member

Do something extra nice for a brother or sister

Write about a time that you Persevered

Tell someone about a time when you used Self-Control

Tell someone 5 things you are grateful for

Write or draw what it means to be a good friend

Practice sitting still for 1 minute - what sounds do you hear?

After reading a chapter in a book, write or tell someone the emotions you saw in the book

Tell someone what it takes to be a good listener

Tell someone all of the emotions you can think of

Tell someone what are 3 things you can do when you are upset?

Talk/Write/Draw about a time you showed empathy

Talk/Write/Draw about a time someone showed you empathy

List 3 positive character traits you have learned this year

Read a book and discuss the moments of caring you see

Tell about a time you felt sad

Be Responsible by helping to set the table

Tell about a time you showed compassion

Do an act of caring for a family member or neighbor

Send a compliment note to a classmate telling something they do well

Write and send a thank you note to your parent

Do an extra chore around the house to help out your parents

Send a “thinking of you” note/card to your grandparents, aunt, uncle, or another adult friend

Practice Mindfulness by doing the 5 Finger Breathing (trace the fingers on your hand while breathing)

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