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In an effort to be more health and safety conscious, the staff at TJES has adopted a “No Food Sharing” Practice.  This practice will not infringe on the food that you provide for your own child.


  • No food sharing or trading during snack or lunch

  • No food on the bus

  • No food for birthday celebrations

  • Limited use of food for classroom celebrations and rewards


  • Limit potential dangers of exposure to life threatening food allergies for students and staff.

  • Limit exposure to students of restricted foods which parents do not want their children eating (ie. Sugar restrictions, Gluten free).  This directly relates to problems with increasing rates of childhood obesity.

  • Reduce the amount of unhealthy (high sugar, high fat) foods students are given at school.  (This has a very direct impact on student attention, behavior and academic engagement.)

  • Reduce the problems of sharing food with only ‘certain’ students and not others.  (There have been numerous occasions that issues had to be addressed by staff over problems about fairness here.)

  • Eliminate the increased trash and clean up caused by messy treats eaten in the cafeteria and classroom.

Alternatives to Food Sharing for Birthdays

  • Have lunch with your child or grandchild.

  • Read a book to the class.

  • Create craft activity with students in your child’s classroom.

  • Conduct a fun activity with your child’s class during recess or other arranged time.

  • Purchase a book for the library and dedicate it in your child’s name.

  • Purchase small school materials for the classroom in honor of your child.

Excerpt from Bedford County Policy JHCF:
  • "Students are encouraged not to share foods or drinks with each other. School administrators may limit the sharing of outside food and drinks among students to meet the needs of the school population."
  • "When using food for instruction or incentives in the classroom, teachers must consider options from a suggested healthy snack list and notify parents of special events where food is brought in. Teachers should also consider using other options for instruction/incentives rather than food items. Attention to individual student allergies and health care plans within the class population is required."
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