Library Media Center

Picture of the Library Media Center

Fay Harrington
Library Media Specialist
[email protected]

Our library media center collaborates with staff using quality resources and instruction to create authentic learning for all students and staff.

Our mission is to help students become:

  • avid, proficient readers

  • effective users of ideas, information and technology

  • skillful researchers and problem solvers

  • confident, ethical users of information technologies


  • Be respectful to others.
  • Use shelf markers to mark your place on the shelf.
  • Check out and return books on time. You may renew your book as often as needed, unless another student has a hold on the book.
  • Take care of your books.
  • Books that are lost or damage must be paid for before a new book can be checked out.
  • Students are allowed to check out one book at a time unless another book is need to complete class work.

We encourage parents to help their children become responsible users of the library and help them recognize the importance of caring for books so that all children may enjoy them! 


Destiny Follett TJES Library Catalog

If you wish to learn more about the books your child is reading, you can access information from several websites. These sites are not managed or endorsed by Bedford County Schools. Several sites available: